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Remote Wuppertal – a project by Rimini Protokoll

A group of 50 headphone-wearing people sets off into the city – guided by a synthetic voice like the ones in our satnavs. As part of this 2-hour collective audio performance, you will explore the city of Wuppertal in a unique way. Along the way, binaural recordings and film scores provide a soundtrack for the urban landscape. From the outside, the group’s progress through the city looks like a precisely timed choreography. From the inside, it feels more and more like a collective film. With every step, the computerised voice sounds more familiar. But who is speaking? Who are we following?

Entitled Remote Wuppertal, it explores bodies, movements and axes in the city that con-nect the Schauspielhaus and future Pina Bausch Centre with different spaces in Wuppertal. Remote Wuppertal questions artificial intelligence, big data and our own predictability.

The artist collective Rimini Protokoll invites citizens on a group audio tour developed by Stefan Kaegi and directed by Jörg Karrenbauer. Remote X tours from city to city like a mobile laboratory, having previously visited Lisbon, London, New York, Zurich, Vienna and many others.

Starting out at the Sonnbonn Protestant Cemetery, Remote Wuppertal connects the future Pina Bausch Centre with many other places in Wuppertal.

Tickets can be booked here, from the ticket hotline +49 (0)202 563 7666 or directly at Kulturkarte Wuppertal, Kirchplatz 1, 42103 Wuppertal. Further information here.

1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 22 September at 06:00pm.
17, 23, 24 at 05:00pm.
29, 30 September at 05:30pm.
1 October at 11:00am and 05:00pm.
6, 7, 8 October at 05:00pm.

On 1, 17 and 24 September we are also offering an English version of the tour.

I look forward to welcoming you there!

Bettina Milz
Coordinator and Director of the preparatory phase of the Pina Bausch Centre

The Project

The theatre by the Wupper that used to be the city’s main Schauspielhaus will become the Pina Bausch Centre. The new centre aims to be more than just a place of conservation where a great artistic oeuvre of international standing is cultivated. It will knit together recollection, experimentation, creativity, knowledge transfer, reflection and participation. A new extension will be built as part of the renovation of the Schauspielhaus, for which an architectural competition is due to be announced next year.